Kilimanjaro Facts

Height - 19340 ft / 5895 m
First Ascent - 5 October 1889
Location - Tanzania, Africa
Annual Visitors - approx. 15,000
% Successful Summits - about 40%

Sunday, February 28, 2010

stuck in Tanzania

OK here's the scoop... the inbound flight to JRO slammed into the runway too hard and set off a whole bunch of onboard alarms. As a result they need to inspect the entire plane for damage and make repairs. JRO is primitive at best (looses power frequently) so the pilot called off the inspection until daylight (they were using flashlights).

Since there's basically one plane out per night everyone left after we boarded. It took a while to recall groundcrew and customs agents to let us unload. Even longer to get buses from Arusha (1 hour away) at 3am. They wouldn't let us spent the night at airport due to malaria risk from mosqituoes so pushed us all into the parking lot where we waited for 2 hours with the mosqitues to be ferried to several hotels.

In the process Kellie's duffle flew off the top of the bus and is now in the hands of someone else. Spent a couple hours arguing with bus driver that he didn't tie it down properly and get him to go back and look - no luck. Stuff happens, but KLM dropped the ball on communication. No announcement were made; everything is second hand information. The latest rumor (at least printed at the hotel lobby) is we're being kicked out of our rooms at 4pm, shuttled at 5pm and then maybe the plane leaves at 9-10pm to Amsterdam. From there it's up in the air how we get home but KLM is working on that.

I guess we needed more adventure. Everyone made it up Kili, we spotted the Big 5 and no one was ate by lions. A delay, lost luggage and African craziness is in order... Lisa made it out on a different flight and is probably on her way to Portland now. Ed and Ben are still here for another week. So Kellie, Linda, Dona, Jane, Mike, Ted and myself are here in limbo. Everyone is safe (minus lost duffle) and in good spirits. I have my phone charging and will try to update the blog when we get moving again.

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